Krillagen Super Chews

dog health supplement
dog health supplement
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Krillagen Super Chews

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DogBone Krillagen Super Chews combine the power of both Pure Antarctic Krill and Type II Native Collagen into one bite sized chew with a multitude of health benefits for your dog.

Benefits Include:

  • Helps Fight Inflammation
  • Contains naturally occuring Astaxanthin
  • Supports Joint Function & Mobility
  • Helps maintain healthy Skin, Coat, & Nails
  • Supports Heart, Liver, Kidney, Optic & Brain Function
  • Boosts Immune System & Gut Health
  • Maintain Bone, Cartilage, & Muscle Structure

Pure Krill (not krill oil) - A superfood that is one of the most easily digestible proteins available. The pure krill in Krillagen Super Chews is sustainably harvested in Antarctic waters and goes through a patented process to remove the shells of the krill, which contains harmful Fluoride.

Type II Native Collagen - As your dog ages their body uses up Collagen faster than they can produce it. Krillagen Super Chews give your dog all the Collagen their body can't produce to reach their health potential. Type II Native Collagen is ethically sourced from American Bovine and is less commonly found than Type I & III. By combining these ingredients, our Super Chews improve overall health and combat common health issues.

90 Count - 45-90 Day Supply 

Dosage Recommendations:

< 50 lbs = 1 chew daily

> 50 lbs = 2 chews daily

Immediate results can be seen from the effects of Krill, while Collagen can take 60-90 days to load into your dog's system. For best results use consistently.

Recommended for dogs 12 months and older

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Real Customers,
Real Results

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Following Jeremy’s training techniques have hands down been one of the best decisions I’ve made…I trained a little lab to find shed horns over 9 years ago from the obedience to the shed dummy and scent was everything just we are 9 years later I just bought a GSP using the same techniques I’ve been able to hold the eyes he listens well with no ecollar..first class people and company..also the Krillegen product is top notch I started my lab on it about a month ago I’ve noticed she seems to be more active around the yard like she’s not as stiff!!!

Corey Huchteman

I have an English Setter that was crippled in a Wolf attack (yes, really!). His rear legs are weak and painful. After trying various supplements including fish oil with no visible results, Jeremy suggested Krillagen Super Chews.

It took about 3 weeks, but the improvement is remarkable. Sam is running again and able to go on long walks.

This supplement works!

Craig Purse

Craig Purse

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