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About Jeremy Moore

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Jeremy Moore started training dogs professionally in 2003. Although it is not something he thought he would end up doing as a professional, it is working with both dogs and handlers that has become his passion and the reason for developing better training products. The style of training he has taken from, adopted, and developed emphasizes a relatively low pressure, positive approach that allows you to maximize your dog's potential in a more natural way. He does not use fear tactics, avoidance training, electronic collars or clickers and does not believe in the use excessive force or treats. It's with the right level of balance between pressure and praise where he finds his dogs excel.

Everyone at DogBone is a hunter. Our hunting obsessions range from whitetails to small game and transcends year round throughout all aspects of our lives, always including a dog. After realizing he was faced with an issue in attempting to train a shed dog, the DogBone line of products was born. Several years and patents later, DogBone continues to be the innovative leader in the "deer-dog" revolution and more.

Be sure to follow and learn more about Jeremy and all his training content using our social platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and the DogBone Pawdcast.

Jeremy has designed products to specifically help you train your dog. It should be a rewarding and fun experience that is a process and takes time. That said, Jeremy does train a limited number of dogs each year for clients for everything including sheds, game recovery, gun dog/bird dog and ultimately as family dogs. If you are interested, please contact Jeremy through our Connect page.


Jeremy and his team of handlers host DogBone Handler's Workshops periodically throughout the year. Handler's Workshops cover everything from the basics and building solid foundations to the most formal of field-work. Keep tabs on upcoming events by following our Social Media outlets. If you are interested in hosting one of these events contact us through our Connect page.

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