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Hey Moores!
I had to take the time to thank you for the videos you have and the podcasts you do. The information and content is the EXACT style of how we wanted to approach a new puppy. We lost our 12 year old lab a month ago just one year apart from our 16 year old lap dog. It’s been years since we built a foundation in a puppy and quite frankly I forgot how. We will be getting our new little black lab puppy next weekend and for the past couple weeks I’ve dove head first in every video and podcast you have about puppies! It’s been a blast and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. My husband even heard me laugh hysterically a few different times from the living room from a couple times with some of the situations the puppies did. I’ve watched them like movies and absorbed so much. I now have way more confidence and excitement of bringing our new puppy home. Please keep making these videos and podcasts as I listen to them every morning while getting ready for work. I just hop on your site and pick one for the morning to listen to. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge! I look forward to learning a whole lot more!
-Nicole from MN

Nicole Jahnke

Great products! Just got the pocket slip lead and whistle can’t believe it got here in two days. Your business does great things keep up the good work thanks


I've been brushing up on my 5yr old labradoodle's manners before we get our WPG puppy in a couple months. I've been working with him on lead heels for 2 weeks with a couple different leads/collars. He was doing ok but for some reason he took to this adjustable lead right away. Not sure if it's the weight, the construction or ???.... but he's been a lot more responsive and doing great. Love Dogbone products, youtube videos, pawdcasts, and their approach on training!!

Jennifer Zarkos Conrad

I bought two bottles of the blood trailing scent and each bottle looked and smelled differently to me. I was worried that I had gotten a weak batch so I emailed the owner and he responded quickly and explained that he makes every small batch himself and that sometimes the fresher ingredients that are newly bottled don’t put out the same color and aroma that the not so fresh ingredients do but they are both affective and I can attest to this. Are used both the smellier bottle and the not so smelly bottle and that was almost clear in color and had the same results with my dog with Both.

Jeremy Dixon

Great training tool best I have used. Love how it floats and how tuff it is.


This is an awesome little product, the material quality and construction exceeded my expectations! I love how small and compact it is, I can keep it in my back pocket.


Well-made product with lots of storage compartments. Would recommend this product to anyone doing dog training.


I started following Jeremy shortly after I got my 2 new golden retriever puppies, Opie and Lainey. I have been around hunting dogs my whole life as well training dogs for 4-H and hunting with my grandpa and my dad. Listening to Jeremy has taught me a lot more patience with my dogs. I have also purchased a lot of products here from dummies and scents to videos and hats and everything I have purchased has exceeded my expectations. The customer service is also top-notch. I love that they take the time to put in a handwritten note in every order.

Rob Calderwood

i can’t believe i’ve been training without this adjustable leader! my dogs don’t even know it’s there but respond at my slightest twitch. the small is definitely the way to go even for a large lab.

derrick adrian

I absolutely love this bag. Quality material it's already "broke" in not stiff like alot of bags come very comfortable to wear and use steal of a deal at 44 bucks

Brian Fuchs

I have been using the Omega-3 Fish Oil with my two labs for about the last year. They both love it and seem to eat their food just a touch faster. Both of my dogs are gundogs/bird dogs and this seems to help them. Their coats are shinier and softer. I'm a believer that dogs coats are an indicator of health, and my two pups seem to be healthier and happier.

William Kuester

Well it being the start of shed season here in upstate NY I thought I take Moose out and see what he could do. I’ve been using your shed hunting training products for about a year. We were at a county park so he had to ha a leash on him at all times. Look what he found.

Mike Ramsey

So glad I found DogBone Hunter.
First time I saw a YouTube video I was thinking “ This is different “. As I continued to follow the various content, I thought this is a excellent approach. Train me to teach what I have learned. Trained a few duck dogs in my younger years using the old school methods that had been around for decades. Looking forward to making a handlers workshop in the future.

Thanks to everyone who makes this happen.

Jeff Byars

I love watching your podcasts and training videos. I don't have a dog currently but I am about 4 years away from retirement and a dog then is a sure thing. What I have done is be absolutely amazed at how your training principles applies to me in my job as a wildland firefighter, I call it dog training wisdom. Thank you for your patience products.

Matt Nease

Jeremy, I'm sure you get this a bunch. But here is another success story. Thanks to your content, training aids, and instruction, my Irish Golden's first year is the field was a successful one.

I've used alot of your videos and training aids. Hold conditioning was a challange but absolutely worth it!!! Ruby is truly a well rounded field dog. Ducks and Sheds. She's steady in the duck blind, has motor for days and loves to work for me.

No hunting blood in her. I had no previous expirence training.She hunts man, and alot of it is thanks to your program.

Brodie Megill

Jeremy, I just wanted to let you know that I have started Booner on your game recovery system, and I'm simply amazed on how excited and eager he get when he is following the trail left from the dragline to the dummy. So far we have done a couple of short recoveries, with awesome success, I can hardly wait to get started on longer and more complicated recoveries. I will keep you updated with his progress and Thanks for another amazing and easy to use dog training system!!

John Goble

Thanks DogBone for the great training aids! Here is a picture of my black lab/red bone coonhound mix "Tracker" on his first blood trail! Your products were a great help. I highly recommend your products for anyone looking to train a blood trailing dog!

Meghan Smith

Bone's first unplanted, unassisted shed!!!!! We are so proud of him. He worked perfect. The Dog Bone training system works, and they are great with helpful hints and advice. THANK YOU!

Gloria Greenstreet

This is my dog Ruger (13 months old) with 3 sheds he found this week and tonight we found number four. I used the Dog Bone training products and they worked great and made training easy. Thanks Dog Bone for the great training tools.

Mark Edward Dye

Our 8 week old puppy Creo training with his Dog Bone shed antler, thank you for a great product.

Joan Rossie
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