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Blood Tracking Dog Training Supplies

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Tracking Dog Training System
blood trailing dog training
RealHide Deer Hide Drag
blood tracking dog training
BloodTrail™ Training Scent
tracking dog supplies
BloodTrail™ Wax Scent Stick
BloodTrail Wax Scent Stick
RigidBuilt Tracking Leash
long dog leash 30 feet

A trained dog is the most efficient and effective conservation tool available when it comes to recovering game. Training your dog to aid in that recovery shouldn’t be complicated. We put together the tools that will help you train a deer-tracking dog in our complete tracking kit! It contains all the blood-tracking dog training supplies you need, along with complete information on how to use them to turn your dog into a deer-finding machine.

These kits include all the essential deer tracking supplies you’ll need, like the RealHide™ drag, BloodTrail scent, drag lines, and clips. With these supplies and our informational training manual, you can easily train your dog to follow the scent of a wounded deer. With our blood-tracking dog training supplies, some work, patience, and a dog with the desire to please, you’ll take your hunting to the next level!