BloodTrail™ Training Scent

tracking dog supplies
tracking dog supplies
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BloodTrail™ Training Scent

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DogBone BloodTrail Scent introduces your dog to the scents a wounded animal gives off. By dripping various amounts of scent, you simulate the trail of a wounded animal, setting up multiple scenarios for your dog to track.

Size: 2-oz. dripper bottle.

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I bought two bottles of the blood trailing scent and each bottle looked and smelled differently to me. I was worried that I had gotten a weak batch so I emailed the owner and he responded quickly and explained that he makes every small batch himself and that sometimes the fresher ingredients that are newly bottled don’t put out the same color and aroma that the not so fresh ingredients do but they are both affective and I can attest to this. Are used both the smellier bottle and the not so smelly bottle and that was almost clear in color and had the same results with my dog with Both.

Jeremy Dixon


Jeremy, I just wanted to let you know that I have started Booner on your game recovery system, and I'm simply amazed on how excited and eager he get when he is following the trail left from the dragline to the dummy. So far we have done a couple of short recoveries, with awesome success, I can hardly wait to get started on longer and more complicated recoveries. I will keep you updated with his progress and Thanks for another amazing and easy to use dog training system!!

John Goble


Thanks DogBone for the great training aids! Here is a picture of my black lab/red bone coonhound mix "Tracker" on his first blood trail! Your products were a great help. I highly recommend your products for anyone looking to train a blood trailing dog!

Meghan Smith

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