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Retriever Training w/ David Bavero of Waterstone Labradors | Ep: #224

11 27, 2023

Jeremy joins David Bavero of Waterstone Labradors and the Global Retriever Podcast talking about a variety of topics surrounding retriever training including field trialing, e-collars, and British Labs vs American Labs.  Read More

Do You Like Your Dog? Conversation w/ Heath Hyatt of the Houndsman XP Podcast | Ep: #223

09 29, 2023

Jeremy joins Chris Powell of the Houndsman XP Podcast discussing a wide variety of dogs and hunting dog training topics!  Read More

Never Stop Moving Forward with Your Puppy Training | Ep: #222

09 13, 2023

The questions that keep coming back! Never stop moving forward with your puppy training.  Read More

Duck Dog Training Seminar at the 2023 WI Waterfowl Expo | Ep: #221

08 30, 2023

A duck dog training seminar from last weekend at the 2023 WI Waterfowl Expo!  Read More

Máquina Update Part 2: Going Into Our Second Hunting Season w/ an English Setter | Ep: #220

08 15, 2023

We dive into a discussion on what we are preparing for and expecting as we approach our second hunting season with Máquina, our English Setter!  Read More

Máquina Update! Woah Training Without a Shock Collar Thus Far | Ep: #219

07 28, 2023

Jeremy gives an update on how woah training Máquina is going without using a shock collar.  Read More

Upland Hunting w/ Flushing Dogs: Jeremy Joins Nick Larson on The Bird Shot Podcast | Ep: #218

07 21, 2023

A great conversation revolving around upland hunting with flushers with Nick Larson of the Bird Shot Podcast!  Read More

No Two Dogs Can Be Trained the Same | Ep: #217

07 5, 2023

In this episode, Jeremy dives into the training philosophy that no two dogs are the same, and how important reading your dog is to make training decisions for that individual dog.  Read More

Always End With a Win | Ep: #216

06 28, 2023

A collection of dog training informational nuggets from one of our DogBone Handlers workshops!  Read More

Conversation w/ Martin Hopps of Slingley GunDogs | Ep: #215

06 22, 2023

Jeremy has a great conversation with UK trainer and breeder Martin Hopps of Slingley GunDogs!  Read More

A Frustrated Novice Dog Trainer | Ep: #214

06 14, 2023

Jeremy answers a collection of questions from a novice dog trainer, while giving him some tough love.  Read More

The DogBone Premium Library w/ Ben & Logan! | Ep: #213

06 7, 2023

We break down one of our biggest and most valuable projects ever, the DogBone Premium Library with special guests Ben and Logan!  Read More

GunDog Training w/ Ben Randall of Beggarbush GunDogs | Ep: #212

05 31, 2023

An intriguing conversation with Ben Randal of Beggarbush GunDogs out of England!  Read More

Talking Setters w/ Kyle Warren of Paint River Setters | Ep: #211

05 26, 2023

A great conversation on setters and pointing dogs with Kyle Warren of Paint River Llewellin Setters!  Read More

Shock Collar Debate w/ Grayson Guyer | Ep: #210

05 26, 2023

Shock collar dog training has been a buzz topic for us lately. This episode is no different as we debate the use of shock collars in dog training.  Read More

The Dog That Won't Stop Barking: a New Look at Crate Training | Ep: #209

05 26, 2023

The dog that won't stop barking! Jeremy receives a message from a guy who has a GSP who will not stop barking no matter what he does.  Read More

Shock Collar & Force Fetch Debate w/ Bob Owens! | Ep: #208

05 26, 2023

A dog training debate on the use of shock collars and force fetch for training your gun dog with Bob Owen of Lone Duck on the GunDogIt Yourself Podcast platform!  Read More

Don't Worry About S*** that Doesn't Matter! | Ep: #207

05 26, 2023

Jeremy gets a message from a guy that needs to take a deep breath, slow down, and realize what is important with where he is at with his puppy.  Read More

A Training Dummy Breakdown: The Story Behind Our Firehose Dummies & Why I Believe They Are the Best! | Ep: #206

05 26, 2023

Retriever training dummies are a crucial part of my training of a Gundog. We have decided to manufacture our own training dummy, and this is why I think ours are the best.  Read More

Common Issues From People Training Young Dogs: You're Moving Too Fast! | Ep: #205

03 3, 2023

When we get a question from someone struggling with a dog that is less than 2 years old, the answer to their question usually has something to do with "be patient" or "slow down" or "take steps back".  Read More