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Don't Bore the Dog When Hold Conditioning... Keep It Fun! Ep: #250

06 27, 2024

In this episode Jeremy fields a hold conditioning related question from a member of our DogBone Training Library. We hope you enjoy it.  Read More

Base Hits Vs. Home Runs: Are You Where You Need to Be w/ Your Puppy? Ep: #249

06 19, 2024

Jeremy dives into a number of puppy training topics, including using feeding time to build steadiness and place training.  Read More

Hold Conditioning Does Not Teach a Dog to Retrieve! Breaking Down Retrieving Issues | Ep: #248

06 12, 2024

Hold conditioning does not teach a dog how to retrieve! Retrieve is something that is already inside of them, or it's not.  Read More

Retrieving & Delivery Issues w/ a 3 Year Old Dog | Ep: #247

06 5, 2024

Jeremy dives into a question from one of our DogBone Training Library Members who is having retrieving and delivery issues with his 3 year old dog.  Read More

Cali Puppies & Our Most Recent Litter (Part 2) | Ep: #246

05 30, 2024

Part two talking about our most recent litter of puppies out of Cali, and the strategy behind this dog breeding litter!  Read More

Having Faith in Your Dog w/ Nick Adair on the Gun Dog It Yourself Podcast | Ep: #245

05 22, 2024

Jeremy joins Nick Adair on the Gun Dog It Yourself Podcast at the 2024 Pheasant Fest to dive into a number of dog training topics including place training, the importance of having faith and trust in your dog, and grouse trials.  Read More

My Dog Struggles w/ Recall and Heel | Ep: #244

05 15, 2024

Jeremy breaks down a question from a DogBone Training Library Member regarding his struggles with heel and recall with his dog.  Read More

Dog Only Listens to Me and Not My Family | Ep: #243

05 8, 2024

In this episode Jeremy dives into a question answering a guy who has a dog that only listens to him and not his wife, and what he can do to get the dog to listen to the rest of his family.  Read More

Preventing Your Hunting Dog From Becoming Gun Shy | Ep: #242

05 1, 2024

Gun shy dogs are not born that way, instead they are created through improper introduction to gun fire and/or negative experiences with loud noises such as fireworks.  Read More

What it Means to Let a Puppy be a Puppy & Being Prepared Before You Get Your New Puppy! | Ep: #241

04 24, 2024

Jeremy answers a question from one of our DogBone Training Library members regarding what it means to let a puppy be a puppy, and why it is so important to do your research and be prepared prior to getting your new puppy!  Read More

Dog Skirts Water and "Bank Runs" On Water Retrieves | Ep: #240

04 10, 2024

Jeremy answers a question from a Training Library member on bank running and skirting water on the retrieve.  Read More

Launching our New Dog Supplement: Krillagen Super Chews | Ep: #239

04 2, 2024

We are excited to bring you our newest dog health supplement, and outline the reasons why we think our DogBone Krillagen Super Chews will make a difference in the happiness and health of your dog.  Read More

Recall Training a Pointing Dog Without a Shock Collar | Ep: #238

03 27, 2024

Jeremy receives a question regarding how he trains good recall with pointing dogs without the use of a shock collar.  Read More

Cali Puppies Incoming! The Breeding Strategy Behind Our Newest Litter | Ep: #237

03 20, 2024

Jeremy dives into the strategy behind breeding Cali, and the in's and out's of our newest litter of puppies as we expect this litter to hit the ground at any moment!  Read More

The Value of Place Training | Ep: #236

03 13, 2024

Place training is a great tool for any dog owner, and will make your life a whole lot easier.  Read More

Dog's First Year of Training & Tracking Deer w/ Michael DeLoach of Livingston GunDogs | Ep: #235

03 7, 2024

Jeremy talks with Michael DeLoach of Livingston GunDogs Atlantic about his experiences training his first deer tracking dog and his takeaways after their first season of tracking wounded deer.  Read More

Solid Delivery w/ Tim Seguin of Blazing GunDogs | Ep: #234

02 29, 2024

Jeremy has a great conversation with Tim of Blazing GunDogs.  Read More

Dog Health: Food, Supplements, & Signs of Health Issues | Ep: #233

02 21, 2024

Jeremy talks dog health and how it pertains to genetics, age, food, and supplements.  Read More

Training a Shy & Sensitive Puppy | Ep: #232

02 14, 2024

Jeremy answers a question from a DogBone Training Library member regarding some struggles with training a shy and sensitive 6 month old puppy.  Read More

Why Does My Dog Fight w/ Other Dogs? Ep: #231

02 7, 2024

Why Does My Dog Fight w/ Other Dogs? Jeremy dives into a question regarding fighting dogs.  Read More