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Dog Skirts Water and "Bank Runs" On Water Retrieves | Ep: #240

04 10, 2024

Jeremy answers a question from a Training Library member on bank running and skirting water on the retrieve.  Read More

Launching our New Dog Supplement: Krillagen Super Chews | Ep: #239

04 2, 2024

We are excited to bring you our newest dog health supplement, and outline the reasons why we think our DogBone Krillagen Super Chews will make a difference in the happiness and health of your dog.  Read More

Recall Training a Pointing Dog Without a Shock Collar | Ep: #238

03 27, 2024

Jeremy receives a question regarding how he trains good recall with pointing dogs without the use of a shock collar.  Read More

Cali Puppies Incoming! The Breeding Strategy Behind Our Newest Litter | Ep: #237

03 20, 2024

Jeremy dives into the strategy behind breeding Cali, and the in's and out's of our newest litter of puppies as we expect this litter to hit the ground at any moment!  Read More

The Value of Place Training | Ep: #236

03 13, 2024

Place training is a great tool for any dog owner, and will make your life a whole lot easier.  Read More

Dog's First Year of Training & Tracking Deer w/ Michael DeLoach of Livingston GunDogs | Ep: #235

03 7, 2024

Jeremy talks with Michael DeLoach of Livingston GunDogs Atlantic about his experiences training his first deer tracking dog and his takeaways after their first season of tracking wounded deer.  Read More

Solid Delivery w/ Tim Seguin of Blazing GunDogs | Ep: #234

02 29, 2024

Jeremy has a great conversation with Tim of Blazing GunDogs.  Read More

Dog Health: Food, Supplements, & Signs of Health Issues | Ep: #233

02 21, 2024

Jeremy talks dog health and how it pertains to genetics, age, food, and supplements.  Read More

Training a Shy & Sensitive Puppy | Ep: #232

02 14, 2024

Jeremy answers a question from a DogBone Training Library member regarding some struggles with training a shy and sensitive 6 month old puppy.  Read More

Why Does My Dog Fight w/ Other Dogs? Ep: #231

02 7, 2024

Why Does My Dog Fight w/ Other Dogs? Jeremy dives into a question regarding fighting dogs.  Read More

Tips, Tools, & Training For Shed Hunting Season | Ep: #230

01 31, 2024

Jeremy breaks down tips, tools, and training as we are right on the brink of shed hunting season.  Read More

What Dog is the Best: Males or Females? | Ep: #229

01 24, 2024

Which makes for a better dog when it comes to training, hunting, and life... male dogs or female dogs?  Read More

Can Any Dog Be a Shed Dog? Conversation w/ Aaron Steele of the Farm Dog Podcast | Ep: #228

01 17, 2024

Jeremy has a great conversation w/ Aaron Steele on the Farm Dog Podcast diving into what it takes for a dog to be able to become a shed hunting dog.  Read More

Finessing Your Way Through Retrieving Struggles | Ep: #227

01 5, 2024

Jeremy answers questions from a follower who is having troubles getting their golden retriever to retrieve, as well as breaking down similar struggles with one of his own dogs.  Read More

How DogBone Came to Be | Ep: #226

12 22, 2023

A friend from our DogBone workshops interviews Jeremy as apart of his college business class as Jeremy breaks down his business experience, and the story of how DogBone came to be.  Read More

Upland Hunting w/ Pointing Dogs: Part 2 on the Bird Shot Podcast w/ Nick Larson | Ep: #225

12 12, 2023

Jeremy joins Nick Larson on the Bird Shot Podcast for part 2 of their conversation, focused around training young pointing dogs for grouse hunting and Jeremy's experiences with entering the pointing dog world.  Read More

Retriever Training w/ David Bavero of Waterstone Labradors | Ep: #224

11 27, 2023

Jeremy joins David Bavero of Waterstone Labradors and the Global Retriever Podcast talking about a variety of topics surrounding retriever training including field trialing, e-collars, and British Labs vs American Labs.  Read More

Do You Like Your Dog? Conversation w/ Heath Hyatt of the Houndsman XP Podcast | Ep: #223

09 29, 2023

Jeremy joins Chris Powell of the Houndsman XP Podcast discussing a wide variety of dogs and hunting dog training topics!  Read More

Never Stop Moving Forward with Your Puppy Training | Ep: #222

09 13, 2023

The questions that keep coming back! Never stop moving forward with your puppy training.  Read More

Duck Dog Training Seminar at the 2023 WI Waterfowl Expo | Ep: #221

08 30, 2023

A duck dog training seminar from last weekend at the 2023 WI Waterfowl Expo!  Read More