Tracking Dog Training System

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Tracking Dog Training System

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  • DogBone Game Recovery Kit with RealHide™
  • EZ Clip & 10' drag line
  • 2-oz. dripper bottle simulates a wounded deer's scent

DogBone Tracking Dog Training System effectively trains virtually any breed to track wounded deer. The included training manual takes you step by step through how to train your dog to track. Use the RealHide™ drag, EZ clip, drag line, and BloodTrail scent to lay the training line you want your dog to follow.

Kit includes: Training Manual, RealHide™ drag, 10' drag line, EZ clip, and 2-oz. BloodTrail scent.

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At bloodhound Deer Trackers, we us the Dog Bone Game Recovery products with all our pup's training. The Dog bone RealHide makes for a great reward at the end of an artificial track and also serves as an easy way to lay trails. Dog Bone Game Recovery products work awesome for the hounds to work with...its our training tool of choice.

Kasey Morgan - Owner of Bloodhound Deer Trackers

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