Large - Duck Canvas Dummy

gundog training dummy
gundog training dummy
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Large - Duck Canvas Dummy

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The DogBone™ Duck Canvas Training Dummy is the perfect tool for training your GunDog.

Duck Canvas Material
100% Granulated Cork Core: Never absorbs water, always buoyant
The most realistic, bird-like feel of any dog training dummy on the market!
Double Polyester stitching at seams
Made in the USA

Polypropylene webbing looped design throw strap: New and improved looped handle for easy clipping, throwing, and hanging for drying at the end of a session! Minimizes temptation for dogs to carry dummy by the strap.

The large gun dog training dummy - 3″ x 11″- is our #1 recommended bumper as it has the size and feel of a duck or pheasant in your dog's mouth. This is also the perfect size to use with our RealHide, and Game Recovery System if you are training your dog for Game Recovery and to track deer.

Lifetime Guaranteed

(Guarantee covers workmanship, faulty material, and production defects. Does not cover damage caused by misuse, improper care, animal damage, or third party alterations.) For questions regarding our lifetime guarantee, reach out to

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