Shed Dog Training - DVD

shed hunting dog training dvd
shed hunting dog training dvd
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Shed Dog Training - DVD

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OVER 3 HOURS of detailed instruction and content!

In this DVD Jeremy Moore, professional dog trainer and developer of DogBone training products, walks you through the process of training a dog to hunt for and retrieve shed antlers. With techniques that bring out your dogs natural abilities using positive motivation, Jeremy shows how to encourage the retrieving instinct and develop a thorough search pattern in the field resulting in a dog highly motivated to find and deliver to hand shed antlers.

Not only do you get chapters covering the process of training a shed dog, you also get a behind the scenes look into the candid application of each chapter covered. We've included bonus footage filmed during DogBone handler workshops where the content covered in these chapters is then applied.

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Well it being the start of shed season here in upstate NY I thought I take Moose out and see what he could do. I’ve been using your shed hunting training products for about a year. We were at a county park so he had to ha a leash on him at all times. Look what he found.

Mike Ramsey


Hey Jeremy! I have been meaning to send you these pictures of Allie's first successful hunt this past April! We had so much fun with her and she was very proud of her finds. I'm so glad Keith took her to your training class.

Ginny Easter

Dog Bone products are second to none and have paid huge dividends in my training progress. My lab is now on his third full shed season and I could not be more proud of him. I get asked ALL the time how I trained my lab to find sheds and I tell everyone I used the Dog Bone system.

Tom Forman

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