Shed Dog Training System

shed dog training system
shed dog training system
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Shed Dog Training System

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Teach your dog how to find and retrieve shed antlers. Any age or breed can be trained to be a shed hunting dog with DogBone.

  • Includes informational training booklet
  • Includes antler scent
  • Made of a soft material to safely introduce the shape and feel of an antler without risk of poking
  • Realistic look, color, and shape
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Real Customers,
Real Results

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Following Jeremy’s training techniques have hands down been one of the best decisions I’ve made…I trained a little lab to find shed horns over 9 years ago from the obedience to the shed dummy and scent was everything just we are 9 years later I just bought a GSP using the same techniques I’ve been able to hold the eyes he listens well with no ecollar..first class people and company..also the Krillegen product is top notch I started my lab on it about a month ago I’ve noticed she seems to be more active around the yard like she’s not as stiff!!!

Corey Huchteman


Well it being the start of shed season here in upstate NY I thought I take Moose out and see what he could do. I’ve been using your shed hunting training products for about a year. We were at a county park so he had to ha a leash on him at all times. Look what he found.

Mike Ramsey


Bone's first unplanted, unassisted shed!!!!! We are so proud of him. He worked perfect. The Dog Bone training system works, and they are great with helpful hints and advice. THANK YOU!

Gloria Greenstreet

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