Tracking Dog Training System

blood trailing dog training
blood trailing dog training
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Tracking Dog Training System

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  • DogBone Game Recovery Kit with RealHide™
  • EZ Clip & 10' drag line
  • 2-oz. dripper bottle simulates a wounded deer's scent

DogBone Tracking Dog Training System effectively trains virtually any breed to track wounded deer. The included training manual takes you step by step through how to train your dog to track. Use the RealHide™ drag, EZ clip, drag line, and BloodTrail scent to lay the training line you want your dog to follow.

Kit includes: Training Manual, RealHide™ drag, 10' drag line, EZ clip, and 2-oz. BloodTrail scent.

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Real Customers,
Real Results

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Great product. I rescued my Catahoula/cur Two months ago she is now one year old never been worked with. Wanted to try my hand at tracking. Bought the kit.
I’m training alone. My first drag was 150 yards long one 90° turn let it set for an hour. She winded the scent before we got to the start. All the way to the end without missing the corner. She’s my best friend.

Brian Osborn


I ordered the blood tracking kit for my bluetick hound hes only 9 weeks and doing great his videos are super helpful and great service and communication

Kyle Yount


Jeremy, I just wanted to let you know that I have started Booner on your game recovery system, and I'm simply amazed on how excited and eager he get when he is following the trail left from the dragline to the dummy. So far we have done a couple of short recoveries, with awesome success, I can hardly wait to get started on longer and more complicated recoveries. I will keep you updated with his progress and Thanks for another amazing and easy to use dog training system!!

John Goble

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