Crate Training a Dog: How and Why You Need to Do It | Ep: #27

Crate Training a Dog: How and Why You Need to Do It

Crate training a dog is an absolute necessity when it comes to starting a foundation with any puppy. During the recording of this podcast we are actually in the middle of crate training Arrow, and you will hear the results. When a pup starts the crate training process, we can not let them out just because they are barking and whining. This will intern make the pup realize that barking and winning is how he gets what he wants, and will amplify it the next time around.

Arrow is a Malinois Shepherd, and his parents are in Africa for the next month. The pup is right around 14 weeks old, and Jeremy will be training him to be a deer dog. Before deer dog training tho, a ton of foundation work will need to be done with this little pup.

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