Teaching a Gun Dog to Handle: “Cody…Go Back” the series | Ep: #22

Teaching a gun dog to handle is a step in every duck, upland, and gun dogs journey. Before we start this training, the dogs foundation must be solid. The sit to the whistle command must be completed and strong enough that your dog does it at a distance. In this episode of the DogBone Pawdcast, we talk about a new training series we have started and will continue called “Cody…Go Back”.

This series will follow Jeremy as he completes start to finish the process of teaching a gun dog to handle. Episodes will be uploaded daily to our YouTube account, and will allow you to see the steps Jeremy takes to get a dog to handle.

Episode 22 digs into this new series, and why this will benefit you in your own training efforts.  Professional Dog Trainer Jeremy Moore teaches a young dog how to understand hand signals and take directions using “go back” to send the dog back and “get out” to the left and right.

There are steps that we need to take before starting the handling process and your foundation must be 100% including a solid sit to the whistle. When teaching handling to a dog, we always start with the back command. Back is an extension of a dogs ability to line, you are just sending him/her from a different position.

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