DogBone Handlers Workshops | Ep: #6

Coming off of one of our DogBone Handlers Workshops, we couldn’t help but talk about the workshops in this weeks podcast.  We get so many questions about them; is my dog too old, too young, far enough along, allowed to come if it’s not a hunting dog…what are these DogBone handlers workshops all about anyway?  Well, we figured we would just talk about what they are, why we do them and why they mean so much to us. There’s such a special place on our hearts for all of the attendees. Watching everyone push boundaries, get outside of their comfort zone, build patience and understanding as handlers while taking away strong life lessons that pertain to so much more than raising a dog. Following each workshop, our team ends up feeling like we gain as much, if not more, than those attending.  It’s not so much about the dogs at these workshops, it’s about the people.  Listen to this episode to find out why.

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Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to the Turnpike Troubadours for allowing us to use a snippet from one of our all-time favorite songs The Bird Hunter.  Make sure to check out their music, they are a favorite of ours and we have countless memories that tie us back to them from concerts to road trips.

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