Stopping Whining Dogs: Nip It Early | Ep: #150

Stopping Whining Dogs

Stopping Whining Dogs! On this episode of the DogBone Pawdcast, we are pulling some audio from a duck dog training demonstration we did a few months back! We apologize for the shaky audio as the demo was outside with alot of outside noise, but this chunk is full of great information that will help you to stop your dog from whining. Even better, curb the bad habit before it even starts! You have heard Jeremy talk extensively on the importance of shaping good habits rather than having to train out bad. This is especially important when it comes to whining dogs. The culture dictates the habit, make sure your young dogs and puppies are surrounded by good culture, and nip bad traits in the butt immediately! There is nothing worse than a whiny dog in the duck blind. Hopefully, this information will help you to prevent that.

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