Can I Train My Dog to do Multiple Types of Hunting? | Ep: #153

Can I Train My Dog to do Multiple Types of Hunting?

I don't like to look at my training much different than raising a kid that is going top be an "athlete". That being said, I don't "specialize" or compartmentalize my training much. Instead, I look at it like its a building. The foundation is always first. From there we add on rooms and shed hunting is one. Tracking might be another. I think there is a lot of overlap when it comes to hunting dogs, particular when it comes to the nose work. Maybe the biggest thing that dictates some of my sequencing is time of the year or calendar. If I have a young dog that's going into its first season in the field, I always look at it like its more an extension of training than a season fo hunting. The short answer is yes, I think you can teach different skill sets simultaneously, but I focus on preparing for things more specifically based on the next upcoming season that we will have opportunity to be closer to the real thing with.

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