My Dog Won’t Come Back To Me! Why Dogs Won’t Recall | Ep: #102

My Dog Won’t Come Back To Me!

My dog won’t come back to me! Recently, I received a message from a guy who is having trouble getting his dog to come all the way back to him on retrieve. The dog will get about halfway, stop, and lay down. The answer to this problem takes determining the cause, and completely goes back to the foundation.

Teaching puppies to recall is a major part of the foundation of a dog, and it all starts when they are very little puppies. It is very important to establish the game of recall early, as this impression will last the rest of the dogs life. In order to be succesfull at all down the road, we need to teach the puppy to recall right away, instead of waiting for the puppy to create bad habits, then later putting a collar on it later and forming even more problems.

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