Dog is Always One Step Ahead on Heel: Get the Change | Ep: #85

Dog is Always One Step Ahead on Heel: Get the Change

This week we received a number of messages from people who’s dog always wants to be in front of them when heeling. They get in front, the person corrects, they get back into heel position for a second, then get out in front again, the owner corrects, and no change is ever made. This happens so often, and the longer this cycle goes on for the more pressure you will have put on to change the behavior. By not putting on enough to get a change, you just become naggy. The dog becomes numb to it, and just thinks it is normal. In this episode, we go over why you can’t get a change out of the dog that constantly has to be leading when on heel.

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Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to the Turnpike Troubadours for allowing us to use a snippet from one of our all-time favorite songs The Bird Hunter.  Make sure to check out their music, they are a favorite of ours.

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