Aggressive Dogs: Stopping The Downward Spiral | Ep: #83

Aggressive Dogs: Stopping The Downward Spiral

Aggressive dogs are the topic today as we recently had a lady reach out that is struggling big time with a young puppy. From the sound of her message, the puppy started out as a little angel, but as it got older, it decided to start testing. up to this point, the puppy has won in it’s testing, and the downward spiral has continued to get worse and worse. They now have an aggressive, bitting, chewing, disrespectful 12 month old puppy that thinks it is the leader of the pack, and has zero respect. Lately we have been doing a series on our Instagram TV that follows along with Cedar, a golden retriever puppy that has similar issues.

What has to happen to stop this downward spiral? Become the leader, earn respect from the dog, and a lot of work to get back on track. This will take time, and must be taken one step at a time. There needs to be a culture change in the household, and we are hopeful we can help to guide that change.

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