Pack Dynamics: Dog Listens to Me, But Not My Family | Ep: #57

Pack Dynamics: Dog Listens to Me, But Not My Family

Pack dynamics within our households is a very common thing that we find people struggle with. On episode #57 of the podcast, we are going to dive into where your dogs place in the pack should be, and how you and everyone in your household becomes the leader.

We recently received a question come in about a guy who has a dog that listens well to him, but does not listen to his wife. This type of issue seems to be very common, and the reason is that the dog feels it is higher up in the pack than your wife, so therefore does not have respect for her. Follow along to this episode how we fix this issue of pack dynamics within the family.

Your family is your pack, and you need to get your dog to understand that his place within the pack is not in the front.

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