Crate Training, Kenneling Up, and Solving Problems | Ep: #55

Crate Training, Kenneling Up, and Solving Problems

Crate training, kenneling up, and solving problems is the topic of discussion in episode #55 of the DogBone Pawdcast. These questions came in via Facebook, and lead into some great information on how we do these things, why, and what to be careful of when we do run into problems in our training.

When a pup starts the crate training process, we can not let them out just because they are barking and whining. This will intern make the pup realize that barking and winning is how he gets what he wants, and will amplify it the next time around.

As always,  thanks for tuning in and keep the questions and feedback coming.

Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to the Turnpike Troubadours for allowing us to use a snippet from one of our all-time favorite songs The Bird Hunter.  Make sure to check out their music, they are a favorite of ours.

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