Teaching a Dog to Heel: Common Questions and Mistakes We See | Ep: #40

Teaching a Dog to Heel: Common Questions and Mistakes We See

Teaching a Dog to Heel, one of the most important elements of a dog’s foundation. In this episode we talk about a commonly asked question as well as a common solution to many training issues in the field: Heel work.  We’ve all seen the dogs out taking their owner for a walk (yes I said that right). You’d think they’re training for the Iditarod with the amount of pulling taking place! Or maybe there are other issues with control out in the field with placement or the dog becoming the leader instead of the handler. We must realize as trainers that in order to get really good at the “fun stuff” or hunting in the field, there HAS to be a a strong heel foundation.

Learn the how and why behind heel work in this episode, and also how to get started if you haven’t worked on it yet.

As always,  thanks for tuning in and keep the questions coming!

Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to the Turnpike Troubadours for allowing us to use a snippet from one of our all-time favorite songs The Bird Hunter.  Make sure to check out their music, they are a favorite of ours and we have countless memories that tie us back to them from concerts to road trips.

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