Hold Conditioning

Hold Conditioning, the process in which we fix a lot of retriever's issues. Running off, dropping short, victory laps, blinking on birds, switching...the list goes on. Not to be confused with Force Fetch, the process of Hold Conditioning will get you the same results, a reliable and efficient delivery to hand without fail and without the need of force. I've always been confused as to why so many people believe in the idea of connecting negative force, pressure, pain and fear with something that our dogs have inside of them naturally and is something that we ultimately want them to like. The retrieve for most dogs is fun and I think we should keep it that way.

By following the steps in this video you will realize how to produce a dog that will deliver to hand reliably any object you want them to. A byproduct of working through the Hold Conditioning process will be the magnified trust, feel and connection you're able to build with your dog.

Used in this video
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Large - Firehose Training Dummy
Small - Firehose Training Dummy
Training Bag