The Duck Hole

On this hunt, we are in northeastern Wisconsin in our duck hole, and it did not disappoint! Over the years we have had some phenomenal duck hunts here, and today was nothing short of that! The old duck dogs Tailor and Ellie got a work out and did great. This spot has always proven to be very challenging for the retrievers, but the two old girls handled it just fine.

October seemed to fly by in a flash, but this duck hunt in Wisconsin is one we will all look back on and remember! Especially for one fellow, Logan, who went from filming his first duck hunt, to shooting his first duck, and editing his first hunt as well!

This is where all the training pays off, comes to realization, and makes you wonder how you ever did it without a good duck dog! We hope you enjoy it!

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Duck Scent
The Recon Cap
Training Whistle - English Style 211.5 Pealess Peep Whistle w/ Lanyard