Pheasant Hunt w/ a Young Setter

We took a trip to Fox Ridge Game Farm in Wisconsin to hunt with our buddy Todd and his one year old English Setter "Hank". Hank is a dog out of Northwoods Bird Dogs, and did a great job pointing pheasants on this hunt. Although this was a great hunt, we went into this pheasant hunt with the mind set that we were training with this pointing dog.

Wisconsin pheasant hunting with pointing dogs is a ton of fun, and true to Wisconsin weather, we ended up hunting in a snowstorm and extreme winds. These conditions made scenting a bit tough for Hank, but he ended up putting the pieces together.

We hope you enjoy this pheasant hunt with pointing dogs as much as we did!

Used in this video
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DB Pocket Slip Lead
Pheasant Scent
Training Whistle - English Style 211.5 Pealess Peep Whistle w/ Lanyard