Northern WI Grouse Camp (Part 2)

In camp this week we had the pleasure of hunting with Jay Lowry of Ryglen Gundogs, Craig Korff of Wildrose Kennels, Jordan Horak of Cato Outdoors, and Aaron Davis (an amazing outdoor photographer).

Miles were put on, brush was busted, dogs were worked hard, and birds were missed. If you have never experienced grouse hunting, you need to understand the difficulty and effort it takes to actually bag a grouse. Most flushes you don't even see the grouse, just hear the explosion of wings and maybe catch a flash. Killing the king is a true accomplishment, and some of the thickest and nastiest cover to work a dog through.

This is where all the training pays off, and the gap is bridged from training to hunting. Game farm dogs are made at game farms, real bird dogs are made in the grouse woods.

Wisconsin grouse hunting always proves to be a great time, and it was even better when shared with good friends.