Bunny Hunting Madness!

Running rabbits with beagles is where many first cut their teeth in the dog world. In this video, we are running the beagles, while also heeling our labradors to pick up the bunnies! This is something we love to do with our labs as it is great practice of heel work, steadiness, and just a ton of fun.

For the most part, any kind of hunting that involves a dog is right up our ally. Bunny hunting with beagles and labs is just as fun as any hunting I've done, and a bit underrated in my opinion. There's just something about a bawlin' beagle hot on the trail of a tasty rabbit!

Cottontail Rabbits will run in a circle when being trailed by a pack of beagles, almost always ending up right back at the spot they jumped from. We use this to our advantage when bunny hunting, as we can position ourselves to cut off the rabbit as it is making it's circle! The trick with cottontail rabbit hunting is that they like to hole up and burry themselves in stone and brush piles. That's where the small bodied beagle (not much larger than the rabbit itself) is often able to follow and flush the bunny out to continue the chase!

A huge thank you to our friends Jack and John Tong for coming out with their bunny hunting beagles and joining us on a great morning of rabbit hunting with them! It was nothing short of bunny hunting madness!

Used in this video
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DB Pocket Slip Lead
The King Cap
Training Whistle - English Style 211.5 Pealess Peep Whistle w/ Lanyard