Puppy Training: First Things First

In this video, professional trainer Jeremy Moore walks you through what happens first when you bring your pup into the house. First things first means just that. Your training starts the day you bring your dog home and knowing what to be prepared for is one key to finding success.

All the essential things that you will want to and need to focus on in order to prepare your pup for building a solid foundation. From house breaking to crate training, sometimes knowing what habits to avoid can be just as important and instilling the desirable ones. By developing a solid plan and then executing with consistency and repetition, Jeremy will show you why he thinks this should be considered "raising dogs" rather than "training dogs".

Used in this video
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Place Training Cot
Puppy No-Rope - Firehose Training Dummy
Training Bag
Training Whistle - English Style 211.5 Pealess Peep Whistle w/ Lanyard