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Jeremy, I just wanted to let you know that I have started Booner on your game recovery system, and I'm simply amazed on how excited and eager he get when he is following the trail left from the dragline to the dummy. So far we have done a couple of short recoveries, with awesome success, I can hardly wait to get started on longer and more complicated recoveries. I will keep you updated with his progress and Thanks for another amazing and easy to use dog training system!!

John Goble

Thanks DogBone for the great training aids! Here is a picture of my black lab/red bone coonhound mix "Tracker" on his first blood trail! Your products were a great help. I highly recommend your products for anyone looking to train a blood trailing dog!

Meghan Smith

Bone's first unplanted, unassisted shed!!!!! We are so proud of him. He worked perfect. The Dog Bone training system works, and they are great with helpful hints and advice. THANK YOU!

Gloria Greenstreet

This is my dog Ruger (13 months old) with 3 sheds he found this week and tonight we found number four. I used the Dog Bone training products and they worked great and made training easy. Thanks Dog Bone for the great training tools.

Mark Edward Dye

Our 8 week old puppy Creo training with his Dog Bone shed antler, thank you for a great product.

Joan Rossie

Thanks! I love your training DVD's and tools. I had no idea how to train this guy for shed hunting, then I found your system. Makes so much sense, we'll be doing tracking too, my last Rottweiler was a natural and spoiled me.

Steve Humpal

My name is Aaron Namislo and I took my 6-month old chocolate lab Riley out for a hike in Savoy, MA to look for sheds. We have been training with your system for the past 2 months and this was our first time out looking for a real shed. Attached is a picture of the moose shed he found on our hike. It's quite a prize, moose are rare in Massachusetts. The system not only works for whitetails but for other sheds as well. I am very happy with your product.

Aaron Namislo

Just wanted to give thanks to Jeremy for spending some time talking to me today about what my expectations should be for my young pup. I learned a lot about trying to teach good habits and how not to promote bad ones. It was pretty awesome that he would spend that time to give advice to a total stranger...thanks again!!

Michael Carr

Cale Anderson of Diehard Sportsmen is starting his puppy Ellie right with DogBone shed training system, only the best for our puppies!!!

Diehard Sportsmen

Watching the DogBone shed hunting video with our new puppy, Chevy! He's catching on to the training pretty quickly! #‎chevyhayden‬

Emily Hecht Hayden

I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with the Dog Bone Shed Antler Retrieving System! I was training my dog Ranger to be a search and rescue dog, but due to life demands I was unable to continue. I wanted something that would satisfy his search/hunt, scent detection, and retrieving desires! The Dog Bone Shed Antler Retrieving System has met all of those needs! Plus my 10 year old son loves to go out and do shed antler training with me and Ranger! Your product has made one dog, one boy, and one mom extremely happy!

Thank you!

Jennifer Masters

My texas heeler is really loving his dog bone antler shed dummy!

John Smith

My Golden Retriever picking up sheds this spring at just 6 months old. Trained on Dogbone shed antler training system.

Justin Mroczenski

Not only is my 7 year old GSP a bird dog, soon he will be a shed dog.

Jeremy Uhl

Hey Jeremy! I have been meaning to send you these pictures of Allie's first successful hunt this past April! We had so much fun with her and she was very proud of her finds. I'm so glad Keith took her to your training class.

Ginny Easter

This is 4 month old Remi working on her DogBone training! She's loving it!

Racy Evanick-Fine

Our girl Bailey. 4 months old. She loves her Dog Bone training antler!

Labrador Shed Dogs - Mossy Creek Retrievers

You don't need much when it comes to antler training.

Tom Gese

I can't put into words how impressed I am with the Dog Bone product. You can teach old dogs new tricks! I will definitely be buying more bones and scent for my pup that's on the way. Thanks for a sweet product!

Tom Hanlon

I bought a training kit for my 3 year old chocolate lab at the Iowa deer classic have been working with him since I got back took him out yesterday for the first time and he found a shed. Awesome product results in less than a month of training! Awesome product.

Kyle Peterson
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