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How Scenting Conditions Affect Dogs Ability to Find Sheds | Ep: #159

01 17, 2022

How do scenting conditions affect our dogs ability to find sheds? In this episode of the podcast, Jeremy dives into the best and worst scenting conditions for our dogs, how a sheds smell changes as it ages, and much more!  Read More

Match Your Shed Dog Training to Actual Shed Hunting: A VERY Common Issue We See | Ep: #158

01 13, 2022

Match your shed dog training to actual shed hunting! We hear all the time from handlers whose dog does great in training and will pick up every shed they put out... but quickly lose focus and struggle when it comes to the real thing. Learn why this happens in this episode of the DogBone Pawdcast!  Read More

Starting Shed Hunting Training with Your Puppy: The Do's and Don'ts | Ep: #157

01 12, 2022

Starting shed hunting training with your puppy is very simple, but there are a number of things that you need to be aware of what not to do!  Read More

How Do Dogs Smell? | Ep: #156

01 11, 2022

How do dogs smell? In this episode of the DogBone Podcast, Jeremy outline exactly how a dog's nose works, how they break down scent, and what a shed antler smells like to your shed dog!  Read More

Never Chase Your Dog with Something in It's Mouth! | Ep: #155

01 3, 2022

Never chase your dog with something in it's mouth! This is how retrieving issues start! Just because your puppy picks up something it shouldn't have doesn't mean you chase him/her to get it. Look at it as a retrieving opportunity to build good delivery. Chasing your puppy with something in it's mouth is how dogs that like to play keep away with retrieves are made!  Read More

Realistic Expectations w/ Your Shed Dog | Ep: #154

12 17, 2021

Having realistic expectations with your shed hunting dog is something we talk about a lot, and is the topic of todays podcast!   Read More

Can I Train My Dog to do Multiple Types of Hunting? | Ep: #153

12 9, 2021

Can I train my dog to do multiple types of hunting? This is todays topic of the pocast!  Read More

Changing a Dogs Bad Behavior: Dogs Are Not Black and White | Ep: #152

12 3, 2021

Changing a dogs bad behavior is something many struggle with, and is basically what our podcast is founded on. This episode of the podcast answers a question that came in from a fella who has a wild dog that is creating havoc in the house... leading into some great training theory that every handler needs.  Read More

Get the Most Out of Your Sessions | Ep: #151

12 1, 2021

Get the most out of your sessions when training. Our training sessions start the second the dog leaves the crate, and ends when the dog is back in. Don't let your dogs free run at the end of a training session!  Read More

Stopping Whining Dogs: Nip It Early | Ep: #150

11 24, 2021

Stopping Whining Dogs! There is nothing worse than a whiny dog in the duck blind. This information will help you to prevent that!  Read More

Gun Shy Dogs and Shaping the Retrieve | Ep: #149

11 18, 2021

Gun shy dogs and shaping the retrieve is the topic of this episode of the DogBone Podcast!  Read More

What Dog Food Do We Feed? | Ep: #148

11 10, 2021

What dog food do we feed? When should I start training with my puppy? What breeders do you recommend? All questions we answer on today's episode of the DogBone Pawdcast!  Read More

My Dog Won't Retrieve Dead Birds! | Ep: #147

11 8, 2021

My dog won't retrieve dead birds! On this episode, we are answering that as well as some questions regarding recall and delivery!  Read More

Why We Don't Force Fetch and the Dangers of Hunting Your Dog Too Early | Ep: #146

10 28, 2021

Why we don't force fetch, and the dangers of hunting your dog too early is the topic of todays podcast!  Read More

Fighting Dogs: Stopping Aggressive Behavior Between Dogs | Ep: #145

10 25, 2021

Fighting dogs are todays topic on the DogBone Podcast. Aggressive behavior between two dogs is something that happens often, especially between two male dogs.  Read More

You Can Never Fully Prepare for Hunting in Training: North Dakota Duck Hunt Recap | Ep: #144

10 20, 2021

You can never fully prepare for real hunting scenarios in training.  Read More

Let The Puppy Be a Puppy: Do It Without Creating Bad Behaviors! | Ep: #143

10 6, 2021

Let the puppy be a puppy: We hear it all the time, and it is often how dogs create bad behaviors that can last a lifetime. We preach to instill good behaviors and avoid bad behaviors when they are little puppies, but how do we do that while still letting the puppy be a puppy? Find out in this episode of the DogBone Podcast!  Read More

Grouse Hunting Recap: Cali's First Bird Hunt | Ep: #142

09 30, 2021

Grouse hunting recap from the Wisconsin grouse opener! We took Cali on her first bird hunt, and had a number of key takeaways, lessons learned, and things to work on.  Read More

What to Expect From Your Shed Dog | Ep: #141

09 28, 2021

In this episode, Jeremy goes through what to expect from your shed dog in their first few seasons of hunting.  Read More

Cross Training Dog: Is it Good or Bad? | Ep: #140

09 22, 2021

Cross training dog: We recently had a question come in from a fella who wanted to know if cross training his dog to both track and shed hunt would hurt the dogs tracking ability.  Read More