Jerry Kolter of Northwoods Bird Dogs: Máquina's Breeder! | Ep: #171

Jerry Kolter of Northwoods Bird Dogs

Jerry Kolter of Northwoods Bird Dogs is our special guest on today's podcast! This is a long anticipated episode, and one that will be featured as part of the "Make the Machine" pointing dog training series! Jerry and Betsy Kolter are the owners of Northwoods Bird Dogs, and Máquina's breeder! If you have followed our podcast or socials you will most definitel y heard us talk about them in our journey of finding an English Setter breeder, and eventually getting Máquina. Jeremy picks Jerry's brain on a number of pointing dog training topics, and things that he is seeing with Máquina thus far. This podcst is loaded with extremely valuable information on training pointing dogs as Jerry is an expert not only on pointing dogs, but specifically his line of English Setters he has developed.

We are extremely appreciative of Jerry for giving us his time and sharing some of his wealth of knowledge, and we will most definitely have him on again in the future!

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