How Do I Build Drive in My Retriever? | Ep: #201

How do I build drive in my retriever?

In this episode of the podcast we are answering a question from Ralph, who reached out with the question of "How do I build drive in my retriever after having a litter of puppies?" Drive is something we have talked about a bit in the past, and usually has been about how to lessen the drive in a retriever. To be completely honest, most dogs have more drive in them than the average dog owner will ever need, and some too much for them to handle. A large number of our listeners are going to be jealous of Ralph's situation, as in our experience, most are just trying to control the drive in their dog. 

There are many factors surrounding the drive your dog possesses, including genetics, age, physical shape, and others that we dive into on this episode of the DogBone Podcast!

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