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Teach Puppies to Recall: Two Week Clio and Blü Recap | Ep: #177

05 23, 2022

Teach puppies to recall! In this episode, Jeremy and Ben have a conversation comparing their second week with Clio and Blü  Read More

Potty Training a Puppy: One Week Clio & Blü Recap | Ep: #176

05 11, 2022

potty training a puppy! Potty training a puppy! In this episode, Jeremy and Ben have a conversation comparing the first week with Clio and Blü, two litter mates that each is training. As many of you know, Ben is keeping Clio as his first dog. Jeremy will be raising and training Blü for the forseeable future. These two litter mates are already proving to have very different personalities, even though their genetic makeup is the same. Going forward, we will be   […]  Read More

First Night w/ a New Puppy! Ben and Jeremy Talk On Clio & Blü | Ep: #175

05 4, 2022

First night with a new puppy! In this episode, Jeremy and Ben have a conversation comparing the first nights of Clio and Blü, two litter mates that each is training.  Read More

Corrections and Praise: Determining the Right Levels | Ep: #174

04 22, 2022

Corrections and praise are extremely important as it is how we get our dogs to understand what we want them to do. The tricky part, and the part many struggle with, is reading the dog to determine what level you need to get a change.  Read More

Positive Pigeons w/ Ethan Pippitt of Standing Stone | Ep: #173

04 19, 2022

We are talking about the positive pigeon drill with Ethan Pippitt of Standing Stone Kennels as Jeremy learns more and determines if he wants to utilize this drill with Máquina, our English Setter.  Read More

How to Make an Effective Correction | Ep: #172

04 14, 2022

How to make an effective correction with your dog? Find out in this episode of the DogBone Pawdcast!  Read More

Jerry Kolter of Northwoods Bird Dogs: Máquina's Breeder! | Ep: #171

04 6, 2022

Jerry Kolter of Northwoods Bird Dogs is our special guest on today's podcast! This is a long anticipated episode, and one that will be featured as part of the "Make the Machine" pointing dog training series! Jerry and Betsy Kolter are the owners of Northwoods Bird Dogs, and Máquina's breeder! If you have followed our podcast or socials you will most definitel y heard us talk about them in our journey of finding an English Setter breeder, and eventually getting Máquina.   […]  Read More

Dog Training is Not a Step-By-Step Process! | Ep: #170

03 28, 2022

Dog training is not a step-by-step process as many who reach out to us think it is!   Read More

Dogs that Find Sheds w/ Truth From the Stand | Ep: #169

03 23, 2022

In this episode we have a great conversation with our friends over at Truth From the Strand talking about dogs that find sheds!  Read More

Whining Dogs Need to Learn Patience | Ep: #168

03 17, 2022

Whining dogs need to learn patience! This episode of the podcast we are diving into what creates whiney and vocal dogs, and what you can do to avoid these behaviors.  Read More

Shed Hunting Dog Training w/ the Gun Dog It Yourself Podcast | EP: #167

03 15, 2022

Shed hunting dog training conversation with our friends over at the Gun Dog It Yourself podcast! A great episode touching on a number of topics around training your own shed dog.  Read More

Shed Hunting & Dogs w/ First Gen Hunter | Ep: #166

03 9, 2022

Shed hunting and dogs is the topic of todays podcast as we join Kent Boucher of the First Gen Hunter Podcast!  Read More

Dog Gets Scared of New Things: Working Dogs Through Their Fears | Ep: #165

03 3, 2022

Dog gets scared of new things! In this episode, we talk about how to work past the things our dogs are afraid of.  Read More

Hunting Dog Talk w/ the HUNTR Podcast | Ep: #164

03 1, 2022

Hunting dog talk on the HUNTR podcast! A great conversation about a great number of things surrounding training hunting dogs. We hope you enjoy it!  Read More

Chew Toys, Bones, and Other Toys Create Dogs that CHEW EVERYTHING! | Ep: #163

02 23, 2022

Chew Toys, Bones, and other toys are all training tools. What to they train dogs to do? CHEW!  Read More

How To Place Train Your Dog | Ep: #162

02 15, 2022

How to place train your dog? Find out in this episode of the podcast!  Read More

Family Hunting Dogs: Conversation w/ Clint of the Western Hunting Hub Podcast | Ep: #161

01 28, 2022

On this episode of the DogBone Pawdcast, we are talking family hunting dogs in a great conversation we had with Clint Whitley of the Western Hunting Hub Podcast!  Read More

We Have a New Member of the Pack! Introducing Maquina, Our English Setter Puppy! | Ep: #160

01 20, 2022

We have a new member of our DogBone pack! If you have been following any of our stuff, you will have heard/seen us talk about our journey to get an English Setter pup, and she is finally here!  Read More

How Scenting Conditions Affect Dogs Ability to Find Sheds | Ep: #159

01 17, 2022

How do scenting conditions affect our dogs ability to find sheds? In this episode of the podcast, Jeremy dives into the best and worst scenting conditions for our dogs, how a sheds smell changes as it ages, and much more!  Read More

Match Your Shed Dog Training to Actual Shed Hunting: A VERY Common Issue We See | Ep: #158

01 13, 2022

Match your shed dog training to actual shed hunting! We hear all the time from handlers whose dog does great in training and will pick up every shed they put out... but quickly lose focus and struggle when it comes to the real thing. Learn why this happens in this episode of the DogBone Pawdcast!  Read More