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Get Your Dogs Eyes: Get Them to Look You In the Eye

09 16, 2021

Get your dog to give you eye contact, and look to you for what to do next!  Read More

Expectations for Your Shed Dog | Ep: #138

09 14, 2021

Expectations for your shed dog is something that comes up often for Jeremy, and is very important in developing your dog.  Read More

No Two Puppies are the Same

08 31, 2021

No two puppies are the same: In this episode of the podcast, we are answering a guy who has had his puppy for three days and is at his witts end. We get many messages like this… from people who have gotten a new puppy and are just overwhelmed. One major problem is people try […]  Read More

Training Shed Dogs: 2021 DeerFest Seminar | Ep: #136

08 20, 2021

Training shed dogs is not complicated, but does take an understanding of the process, some important tools, and the willingness to put in the time. This episode of the podcast will be a bit different than what we normally do! This is a seminar we did at the 2021 DeerFest in West Bend, WI a […]  Read More

What’s Wrong with Chocolate Labs? | Ep: #135

08 9, 2021

What’s wrong with Chocolate Labs? We recently received a question from a follower that wanted to know why many breeders, trainers, and sporting dog people shy away from chocolate and silver labs. This is a bit of a controversial and “edgy” topic. Listen to this episode of the DogBone Pawdcast to hear Jeremy’s answer! As […]  Read More

Dog Kennels: What Brand Do We Use? | Ep: #134

07 30, 2021

Dog Kennels: This is a topic that we get asked about frequently! In today’s episode of the podcast, we are going over what we look for in a good kennel, our favorite brands, and what ones we are not so fond of. We also go over how we transport our dogs in the vehicle when […]  Read More

My Dog is Afraid of Water! | Ep: #133

07 22, 2021

My dog is afraid of water! In this episode of the podcast, we are answering a question that came in from a gal who has a dog who is afraid to go in the water. We will go over introduction to water, things to try if the dog doesn’t initially love the water, and as […]  Read More

Stopping Dog from Fighting Other Dogs | Ep: #132

07 19, 2021

Stopping dog from fighting other dogs. We recently had a message come in from a fellow from Germany who has a number of different dogs he uses for hunting wild boar. He is having an issue with two of his dogs who like to fight each other. Recently at one of our DogBone Handler’s Workshops, […]  Read More

Why We Don’t Use Clicker Training or Treat Training | Ep: #131

07 15, 2021

Why we don’t use clicker training or treat training! In this episode of the podcast we do a deep dive into some clicker training and treat training topics, stemming from a question we recently received. This guy is having issues with his dog only listening/performing when he gives the dog food. When the food goes […]  Read More

Dog Ignores Me When Hunting! | Ep: #130

07 6, 2021

Dog ignores me when hunting! In this episode of the podcast, we are diving into a question that came in from a lady who has a very high drive springer spaniel. The dog listens great and is very obedient in training, as well as during day to day life, but loses his head and ignores […]  Read More

Tiring Out High Energy Dogs: What’s the Best Way? | Ep: #129

06 29, 2021

Tiring Out High Energy Dogs Tiring out high energy dogs is a question we receive on a regular basis. Everyone thinks the best way to tire out their dog is by exercising them physically. Many will run the dog with a wheeler or vehicle. Unfortunately, running the dog mindlessly just to get exercise conditions dogs […]  Read More

Hold Conditioning Dog: How to Know When Your Dog is Ready | Ep: #128

06 24, 2021

Hold Conditioning Dog: How to Know When Your Dog Is Ready When should I start hold conditioning with my dog? This is a question we see come in very often, and one that we are going to dive into in episode #128 of the podcast! It is very important to know when and how to […]  Read More

My Dog is Possessive: Stopping Possessive Dog Behaviors | Ep: #127

06 15, 2021

My dog is possessive! In this episode of the podcast, we received multiple questions from people who are having trouble with their dog being possessive of toys, bones, and retrieves. The dog will be reluctant to give items back, and will even become vocal and growl at the owner. This podcast focuses on stopping possessive […]  Read More

Improving the Health of Your Dog: Interview w/ Dr. Brooks Tiller | Ep: #126

06 3, 2021

Improving the health of your dog: In this episode of the podcast Jeremy is on the Healthy Hunter Podcast talking to Dr. Brooks Tiller about a number of different topics. From shed dogs, tracking dogs, and even ways in which you can help to improve the health of your dog! This podcast covers a wide […]  Read More

Are Male Dogs or Female Dogs Better? | Ep: #125

05 28, 2021

Are male dogs or female dogs better for training? In today’s episode of the podcast, we are discussing a question that came in from a fellow from Canada! His question: Do you prefer training male dogs or female dogs, and why? There are many different aspects to this, and at the end of the day, […]  Read More

Dog Runs Away and Chases Animals! | Ep: #124

05 26, 2021

Dog runs away and chases animals! We recently received a message from a fella in Sweden who has a cocker spaniel that he is having troubles getting to listen while hunting. When he lets the dog loose, the dog runs away and doesn’t like to recall when catches scent of an animal. He also has […]  Read More

Dog Training Without Force: Interview w/ Field Dog Life | Ep: #123

05 19, 2021

Dog Training Without Force Dog training without force is what DogBone has been built on. In this episode of the DogBone podcast we are doing an interview in an Instagram live with Daniel of Field Dog Life. We are talking on a variety of dog training topics in both the bird dog, gun dog, shed […]  Read More

Developing a Year Round Sporting Dog | Ep: #122

05 17, 2021

Developing a year round sporting dog is what we are all about. If you have followed our content in the past, you will know that we utilize the same dogs across a wide variety of different hunting, training, and lifestyle applications. Dogs are capable of much more than we often give them credit for, and […]  Read More

Becoming the Leader of a Bratty Dog | Ep: #121

05 13, 2021

Becoming the leader of a bratty dog is easy, but it takes a dedicated and complete turnaround of the situation. In todays episode of the DogBone Pawdcast, we are answering a question that came in from a lady who is having some major issues with her dog. In her words, she’s at her wits end […]  Read More

Focusing on the Big Picture for Dog Training Success | Ep: #120

05 4, 2021

Focusing on the big picture when training a dog is very important, and something that has evolved for Jeremy throughout his training journey. Being able to see the big picture, and formulate a path to the end goal, is something that comes with hands on experience, confidence, and ability as a trainer. In today’s episode […]  Read More