Upland Dogs: Our Recent Inspiration to Get in the Grouse Woods | Ep: #42

Upland Dogs: Our Recent Inspiration to Get in the Grouse Woods

Upland dogs? Not something you hear us talk about very often, but it is something that has played a huge role in Jeremy’s childhood, and where he gained his love for training dogs. In-fact, it served as the base for his techniques when training a deer dog. As of late Jeremy has discovered an organization called Project Upland which has inspired him to get back into upland dogs, and possibly even acquiring a pointing dog down the road.

One takeaway that glares through in Jeremy’s recent grouse hunting adventures in northern Wisconsin is that our dogs do more than one thing. Jeremy’s personal dogs do upland, waterfowl, sheds, and game recovery, and so can yours! Alot of people get bogged down in the idea that a dog can only be trained for one thing and one thing only, but the reality is that these dogs can do much more for you with the right knowledge and effort on your part.

Follow along with this weeks episode to learn more about our grouse hunting strategies and adventures, project upland, and Jeremy’s future plans in regards to training a pointing dog.

As always, thanks for tuning in and keep the questions coming!

Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to the Turnpike Troubadours for allowing us to use a snippet from one of our all-time favorite songs The Bird Hunter.  Make sure to check out their music, they are a favorite of ours and we have countless memories that tie us back to them from concerts to road trips.

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