"Block Head" WI Muzzleloader Hunt

If you have followed us, you know that we are just as focused on deer hunting as we are dog training. Every now and then those two passions cross. This Wisconsin deer season was a grind to say the least, and we had hunted hard all archery season with some real close calls. It all came down to the second to last day of Wisconsin's muzzleloader season when the weather aligned, the deer were on the beans, and ole Block Head decided to step out!

Jeremy and I had been sitting together for a few years prior to this, him on the bow or gun and me behind the camera. This was the first deer we were able to get together on film, and it was a memorable one to say the least!

Ole Tailor even got to track it for us, which was just the cherry on top to this late season Wisconsin Muzzleloader hunt! We hope you enjoy it!

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Used in this video
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Antler Wax Scent Stick
RigidBuilt Tracking Leash
Tracking Dog Training System