Teach Your Lab to Track Wounded Deer!

Training lab to track wounded deer! This breakout session took place at our most recent DogBone Training Days Workshop, and covers the tracking dog training tools we use and a simple drill we do to begin training a lab to track wounded deer.

Training a dog to track wounded deer is not hard. What it takes is connecting value to the scent of an injured deer. For Retrievers, the reward found at the end of the line is a retrieve. This process should be fun for the dog, and turned into a game! All dogs track naturally, we just need to teach them what scents to follow and unlock their inner blood trailing instincts.

In this video, Chris Smith of Victory Deer Recovery walks you through how to start training your dog to track a wounded deer.

Used in this video
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BloodTrail™ Wax Scent Stick
Large - Firehose Training Dummy
RigidBuilt Tracking Leash
Tracking Dog Training System