Staking Out a Puppy: The Hows and Whys behind Tie-Out! | Ep: #200

Staking Out a Puppy

Staking out a puppy is an important puppy training drill that we do with almost all of our puppies! In this episode, we are diving into the why and how we utilize tie out! This episode of the DogBone podcast derives from a section of our Puppy Training: First Things First Video. You can purchase the entire video in either a DVD or Digital Download on our website! 

Staking out a puppy, also known as Tieing out a puppy, is very important as it teaches young puppies to give to pressure on the neck, without us being on the other end. It also builds some confidence in your puppy to be on their own, which will last the dogs entire life.

We hope you enjoy this episode of the podcast where we break down the hows and whys behing staking out your young puppies!

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